Your turn!

Costa Rica.. Snakes,bulls,naked surfing,really hot women and things I should never talk about..All in good time..

Ok.. So I’m off on a new adventure tomorrow and have no idea how often I’ll have a chance to update my blog. Still got so many things to write about (some crazy times in Costa Rica). 

I will be going to a project in Bosnia for a few weeks then working on a farm near Pisa in Italy. Don’t know how long I’ll be away. I’ll just have to see how things go.




5 thoughts on “Your turn!

    1. Hi, great to hear from you! I like to travel and find projects. I work in Scotland and save money so that I can afford to do these things. I don;t have a wife, mortage or car so money that I save can be used for adventures. I do it because I like to see the world. Maybe you can recommend some places in Japan? I’d love to go there.


      1. I see. I recommend two tourist sites in Japan. It is Kyoto if it is a traditional building (wooden) and a cultural heritage. Nagano is good if it is a plateau, high mountains, and a hot spring.
        The autumnal leaves of autumn are good here. It introduces by my blog some day.
        I live in Awaji-shima Hyogo.

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