Costa Rica Part 6 To end on a high note..or you could do it like me?


No mans an island..Unless you are the Isle of Man.. This is not the Isle of Man though

Now far be it for me to give advice on ladies. In-fact, I may well have less knowledge on the subject than a packet of peanuts. But, I can offer one nugget of info.


If you do meet a cute girl on your travels of whom you enjoy the company of. Might I suggest not handing her a first draught of your book containing material such as masturbation, faeces and attempted sexual exploits gone magnificently wrong?


Also, it would be a great idea not to accidentally show that same Central European girl a photo of yourself balancing a clump of hair above your lip while throwing out a fascist salute. –I’d just had my head shaved and it seemed funny at the time..just forgot I still had that on my phone-. To be honest I’m still surprised she wanted to go for coffee’s at all after me growing a little..erm..excited at the waterfall in the company of her and her hot friend. I didn’t even notice until Jack pointed it out. Could have killed a monkey with that thing! Also, I’m pretty sure she saw me kick a dog in the face on the way to my house. Theres only so much shit I can take from those stupid, ankle bitting, overgrown rats!


An introduction to my Tico family led me to forget everyone’s name including hers. I breathe. I embrace. I write it all down. That way at least someone else might learn from my mistakes or at the very least get a giggle out of it.


Weight of the world taken of these shoulders and laid to rest on paper, resisting the urge to drive this fuckin pen through my leg with frustration that I’ve done it again.


An extended stay in a foreign land just couldn’t be without a shining example of Andy showing us all exactly how to make a girl think you’re a massive idiot. But stride straight ahead and never look back for we just don’t know what tomorrow’s outcomes will be. Unless it’s wearing a beautiful smile, heart of gold and eyes that pierce your soul.


Piss off.

Paradise found

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