French Hippos

French hippo
French hippo

The post that was previously here was an advert for party poker.

My inability to present this add in the exact manner that was intended combined with the fact I have never actually gambled in my life (apart from the time I was in that casino!) has let me to my decision to replace it with something French related to which I do know something about.

I apologise to those who left comments regarding casinos in France and Monaco but, I felt like a bit of a fraud supporting and advertising something I know nothing about.


As part of a mating ritual, the male hippopotamus will spray shit onto the face of a female in an effort empty its balls.
With skin as thick as one inch the hippopotamus is an unstoppable killing machine and will stop at nothing to destroy you.
Only a calve (baby hippo) can in fact swim where as an adult may bounce, walk underwater or even stand in the shallow end giving the impression that they are swimming.
In the jaws of a hippopotamus you will find an average of forty teeth and maybe an occasional slow native or two. These slow moving, placid creatures should always be approached with reckless carelessness and offensive language can easily discourage a charge from an adult bull (man-hippo).

* I claim no responsibility for those who are eaten while following my Hippo fact file.

Happy hunting!


12 thoughts on “French Hippos

      1. Thanks. That’s an incredible video clip:-) I saw another clip recently, about a lion that had been raised from a cub by a woman. The video was of her visiting it as an adult, a year on from when she handed it over to a zoo (a good spacious zoo). It recognised her instantly and greeted her by standing up on its hind legs, then hugging her around her neck and nuzzling her like a human child having a cuddle with its mum.

  1. That is hilarious! Who knew. Have you read the Elephant Whisperer? It is somewhat similar only with a whole clan of wild elephants. It’s one of my favorite books. πŸ™‚ I have to share this video! πŸ™‚

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