Donkey Kong! Aruba #5

Coco, Chula and me..The one in the middle!
Coco, Chula and me -the one in the middle!-

Everyday I’m met at the sanctuary by the star duo that is baby Chula and Coco. Kneel down and they plod right over giving you great big donkey hugs although Chula does have a small tendency to nip your back from time to time. Maybe just me.

Got to say I was surprised when we let them rejoin the herd once Chula was big enough. Surprised to see cute little Mama Coco just run amok in Donkeyland beating the shite out of any donk stupid enough to breath in the direction of her baby. She became a bit spoiled while in that separate enclosure I notice when extra treats come out and baby Chula gets hoofed away until Coco’s satisfied that you have no more.

Each one has its own funny, crazy and cheeky little character and over time you start to learn who is who and who does what. Within the herd they have their own cliques and groups, however there are donkey enemies and so never a dull moment when drama has four legs.

Another Mama donk, this time One-Eye and she has an ear infection. Aww.. The name One-Eye suggests that an ear infection and having a baby are not her only flaws.

Although her foot-obsessed daughter is fine, the fact is that they can’t be separated and so we have to put both of them in a coral with young Amadeus and Bunny –another Mum and baby- until that ear gets better. Every day that ear needs cleaned and sprayed but when working with animals things can always go tits up!

I have a rope tied round the bridle on her head and as I’m just about to put it around the fence to secure her while I clean the infected ear.. “BAAAAA”! Stomp, stomp, stomp “ROAR”! stomp, stomp, stomp.

Shit, goat stomping time with a little black ball of fur getting a real good ass kicking –pardon the pun-. I wasn’t fast enough to save the last one but I’m damned sure there not getting this one as well.

Wading neck deep into midst of Donkygeddon  and  almost having one land on me in the process of this increasingly regrettable good deed of the day, I pluck the stupid little fur ball from the claws(?) of Sparkle and shout “NO! Not this time fatty. Stop looking at me like that”.

They’re not entirely chuffed to see it being taken out alive, but there it is. Sprayed its wounds purple with disinfectant and let it go outside. If it comes back then I might have to stomp it myself.

Returning to my manky ear cleaning duties only to discover one dead looking donkey lying on the ground with all four legs completely wrapped up in rope. Oh dear!

She’s not dead but definitely seen better days. The other end of the rope I’d dropped had gotten caught on the fence while I was away being a hero and during the excitement of a goat on the loose, she’d spun around completely binding all four legs. Time now for that purple spray you hate so much while your daughter destroys my boots. Poor One-Eye and poor boots!

Time to wear some meds..
Time to wear some meds..
One-Eye gets a Donkacure
One-Eye gets a Donkacure
These boots were made for biting..
These boots were made for biting..
Primrose 'The destroyer of boots'
Primrose ‘The destroyer of boots’

8 thoughts on “Donkey Kong! Aruba #5

    1. The baby donkey will stay with its mum for a long time, but if the mum has another baby then it might reject the older one as it could maybe harm the youngest. Sometimes a whole wee family will just stay together though. All donkeys are different but usually very territorial and maternal.

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