Buenas Aires; Getting wet.. Day 2

Half dressed for the occasion..
Half dressed for the occasion..

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My second day begins with one looong hot shower and by fuck am I enjoying this, but before the entire water supply of Buenos Aires comes to an end. I decide to finish up, shave, eat and hit the streets to see what pleasures this fine day has in store.



This is the noise of the hot water tap coming off the wall in my hand complete with connections to the hot water supply its self.


The sound of a naked, Scottish, burning man trying desperately to put the tap back on again and succeeding only in directing the flow of said burning water point blank into my face. It won’t fit. How the hell did it fit in the first place? This needs welded or something, but what do I do right now? Stand here and continue pretending that I know what I’m doing. Yes that’s what to do. Thankfully there is someone in the next shower who comes to help.. To stand and watch.

“I´ll get someone”. Great idea, thanks man. Three more arrive to help.. To watch.

This must be like watching a really good big brother show or something with my growing audience, but this water is scolding hot and I´m not doing too well here. Still just pretending to know what I`m doing but I can´t stop and turn around because I´m still bollock fucking naked -like that’s ever bothered me-! Viewer/Woman who owns the place: “I´ll turn the water off at the mains”. Thank you, oh God my face is burning!

Water stays off for the rest of the day and night until the plumber can come fix his shit job -it´s happened before apparently- so no longer do I feel quite so silly, but it doesn´t really make me any more popular with the twenty plus others who have no hot water till sometime tomorrow. That’s if Super Mario even puts in an appearance. Well at least I got a good shower, Hell a damned good shower, an event even. Spectator’s event as it happened!


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On Amazon Kindle

6 thoughts on “Buenas Aires; Getting wet.. Day 2

    1. A piece of cake compared to when I got kidney stones (still to come).. Now THAT was a story!! Im not having such a great year really. Yesterday I had an opp to remove a large blood clot from the edge of my bum.. Not sitting comfortably right now!

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