Crossing borders.. and lines.

Readers of a nervous disposition (and Mum) may want to read something else.

This post is certified N for Naughty.

Welcome to Bolivia.

Buzzin like a sex toy for I have a plan..

Five hours from Jujuy and at the boarder separating Argentina from Bolivia, I have finally decided on how I will spend the next two weeks and so without a second to waste I board my bus and set out on my latest adventure. Another fresh start, a new chapter in life, a clean page laid before. Without getting my passport stamped.

Now before I go any further let me just explain that in no way am I proud of my antics during these next sixteen hours, but after spending the last six days and nights travelling with a really hot Brazilian girl that just wasn´t giving out you can´t possibly begin to understand just how horny I feel right now especially seeing as the fact we always shared a room meant that I couldn`t just have a stretch one off forget about it.It´s a guy thing.. Maybe an Andy thing.

She was a young, hot student on her way home to La Paz after studying in Buenos Aires. We talked for hours about nothing in particular, her favorite subject being why I was single amongst other standard bullshit such as star signs and as we lay/sat cuddled together under the duvet she´d brought on board I couldn´t help but feel that red mist descend.

A friend of mine from Nottingham once told me of a date he´d had recently where he´d just been bold, took the chance and leaned in there for the kiss.. I waited until she slept.

Using the whole ‘cold enough to freeze the baws of a polar bear so we must snuggle’, I took my chance and stole a small kiss from her cheek then worked my way a little closer to her lips and closer until reaching her mouth where she moved ever so slightly away. Maybe she is actually sleeping, but I´m not convinced and so I begin the process again but with the same conclusion. She pulls me closer and tells me how cold it is. I fucking know how cold it is, but I´m trying to warm you up!

Her legs hitch up and catch my hand between her thighs.. Light bulb..

Using the vibrations from an incredibly bumpy, but not so uncomfortable journey giving my present situation, my hand starts to shimmy in time to the jolts and jiggles of the highway closer and closer.. How badly this could go wrong?.. closer, closer.. I wonder what Bolivian prison is like?..Closer, closer.. This is really stupid.. Closer..and now, with subtlety completely out the window I find she wears no underwear beneath those tight as Hell leggings. There’s not a thing I can´t feel. Oh, how things could go wrong. This could be the best move I´ve ever made or it could be the beginning of the end. It all comes down to her reaction right now..


Nope, nothing. Maybe she is sleeping after all which makes me a very, very bad man.

After some time, like a good four minutes she removes my hand, draws me in even closer and whispers.. ¨No¨.. Fuck!

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