Welcome to the jungle



Laddish content and bad behavior.

After about maybe two months I would take over as volunteer coordinator while still getting to work with the animals I´d grown attached to – Kinkajou, ocelot, margay, lucachis, four Macaws and owl monkeys. Indeed, I shall be kept busy.

My first act as Volunteer Coordinator would be to interview and induct a girl who´s just turned up and asked about working here. Serious hippie with every stereotype going but she´s pretty cute, my age and definitely worth a shot. Sleeping arrangements? Let me get back to you on that!

After a thorough search of about ten seconds to find someone who has the keys to the volunteers dorm, I give up and lead her across the river towards our quarantine area. The quarantine area where my bedroom lives.. *Andy got a room to himself!

At this point my bedroom has two beds and resembles a small prison cell, but I explain that for now I can´t find the keys to the other bedrooms and so she can kickback here for a while and I´ll sort her out later on -pun intended- once I´ve finished my work for the day. I forget to mention I don´t finish until about 7pm.

Her options are thus.. “Well, you can share a room with all the other volunteers in a small, damp room where there’s no space for anything but listen to the snores of your smelly roommates, walk back across the bridge in the dark with all your shit and sleep above the bar in a packed room full of drunken volunteers who throw up there every other night orrr..”

“Can I sleep here”?

Yes. Yes you can!

That night we talk. We talk for fucking ages about spirituality and our views on life.. We´re talking shit.
We sleep early, but I´m not that bothered. I have time and surely all hippies love sex right? I can wait.

She leaves the next day complaining of issues about the pills we swallow for three days before working with animals.

Fucking hippies!


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