Welcome to my life -uncensored-

So that’s what lies at the end of a rainbow! Ometepe, Nicaragua
After years of funny weird shit happening I’ve finally gotten around to putting it down as a book. It’s something I have always wanted to do and now I can present “Without Wax” in the form of a blog. A novelty version called Recipes for Disaster is on the way and a sequel called Kiss my Ass is being lived and written as you read this but I will let you know more when it’s ready.

This is not a book/blog of “I’ve done this and I’ve done that”. It’s about funny moments and strange scenarios you might relate to, be in or learn from!

Special thanks to Leanne (big sis) for always being like a second Mum, my parents Hazel and Peter for their continued support –and still putting up with my shit- and to Alex Firth for telling me to stop talking about writing a book and just do it.

Your life is shaped by who you meet through the years and in turn your presence will shape the lives of others. For that reason I thank everyone I’ve ever met for who I am today but if I sit and thank each one individually it’d be a whole new book. And I’m shit with names anyway.

If you’re not in this book it’s because I didn’t like you. -Joking!-

Maybe you’ll be in the next?



97 thoughts on “Welcome to my life -uncensored-

      1. Petals is most definitely a blog. 🙂 I started out writing….but it is turning into something else. I do my best to brighten my followers’ day!

        Again thank you!

        Love, Amy

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